answers to most of your questions


What do you build?

  • SelectDecks specializes in custom decks, porches, and patios.  We also construct screened in porches, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, retaining walls, and pools.  Any sort of outdoor structure is what we’re all about

do you provide designs?

  • Absolutely.  We are a design-build firm, meaning we provide all the design work for our projects and then transition seamlessly right into the build phase.  We utilize the latest 3D software to provide you with a real life look at your finished project before we ever start.

are you licensed & insured?

  • Yes.  SelectDecks has all the business licenses, contractor’s licenses, etc to fully execute any project you dream up.  We carry a $1 million general liability policy and our crews are covered by worker’s compensation policies.

do you build year round?

  • We do.  In fact, the winter is in some ways the best time of the year to build.  You have our full attention, material prices can be lower, and come Spring time you’re ready to enjoy your outdoor space as soon as the weather breaks.


what wood do you use?

  • Deck framing lumber is all PT (Pressure Treated) #1 Grade SYP (Southern Yellow Pine).  We can also frame decks out of light gauge steel.

what decking & handrails do you use?

  • To give you the highest performing deck possible we utilize Trex Decking.  Backed by a 25 yr warranty, it is by far the market leader in the category.  We have toured the manufacturing facility, attended numerous events, and worked with the product enough to it’s the best.  
  • Trex has many handrail options ranging from composite, aluminum, and glass.  However, we can also incorporate wood like cedar to give the deck a more natural look and feel.

what size deck do i need?

  • That depends on how you will ultimately use the space.  As part of the design process we will identify those needs and tailor an outdoor space centered around your lifestyle.

can you build a roof over my deck?

  • Yes.  In fact, a good portion of our builds nowadays incorporate some sort of roof structure.  Hip roof, shed roof, gable roof, there are several options but usually it comes down to matching up with your existing house.


where do i start?

  • Easy.  You can click the button below to schedule a FREE phone/video design consultation or go to our CONTACT page and fill out the form to schedule a formal proposal.

what happens after we approve the design & Budget

  • The fun starts.  We execute a contract, collect the necessary down payment, and get your project on the schedule.  

how long until you can start?

  • That will mostly depend on current workload but typically from the time we execute the contract until we are on site is about 2-4 weeks.

how long will my deck take?

  • There are a lot of factors that contribute to that.  Size and complexity, building permits, weather, and site conditions are a few to name.  Once we execute a contract we will fully develop a schedule which you will have access to via your SelectDecks app.

How will you communicate with us?

  • Communication is vital.  To insure the easy sharing of information you will utilize your customized app/portal where you can track everything associated with your project including the schedule, invoices, change orders, pictures, and more.

everything else

Where do you build?

  • Our main areas of focus are the North/South Hills of Pittsburgh, Morgantown, WV, and Deep Creek Lake, MD.  But we’ve traveled as far as Charlotte, NC for the right project.

is there any sort of warranty?

  • We stand behind our work with a 3 yr. structural and workmanship warranty and most of our deck materials carry a 25 yr warranty against fade/stain.

how much will my deck cost?

  • Many variables affect the final price.  Materials, site conditions, deadlines, accessories, height, permits/zoning, and much more too long to list here.  Best thing to do is schedule a consult and we can then provide you with some ballpark figures.

can you build anything?

  • You are only limited by budget.  If you can dream it I assure you we can build it.

can you provide us with references?

  • Absolutely.  We can provide you with email addresses of past/present clients.  However, experience tells us most people are too busy to reply and the best thing to do is check out our online reviews on sites like GoogleFacebook, Houzz, and Trex.com.