4 Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Your New Trex Deck

So, you just finished building your brand new deck and it looks amazing! We’re sure you want to keep it looking just as fresh and clean as it was on that very first day. We got you! 

Tip #1: Stick to the Basics

They say nothing does the trick like good old soap and water, and luckily that holds true with most Trex products! When your deck isn’t looking as pristine as you want it to, just a bit of soap and water will be your best friend. If you find that a simple spray down isn’t quite getting all of the dirt and debris, use a soft bristled brush to get those tougher spots. 

If you have some really stubborn mud, dirt, or mold, we recommend a pressure washer with no greater than 3100 psi that has a fan attachment/adjustment and a soap dispenser. Spray the deck with soap, gently scrub with a soft bristled brush, then rinse with a fan tip no closer than 8 inches from the surface. Rinse VERY thoroughly as dirty water left to dry will leave a film on the decking surface. 

Tip #2: Stay Clear of Hard Water

Hard water is water that contains a high amount of mineral deposits like calcium, lime and silica. When hard water dries on your Trex decking, the deposits left behind can leave unwanted spots. If hard water is accidentally used on your deck, white vinegar can usually take care of the problem. After using the vinegar, rinse, but not with hard water. If hard water must be used, use a cloth or blower to dry the area. If needed, a deck brightener may also be used to clean hard water stains so your deck looks good as new. 

Tip #3: When It Comes to Food, Get Speedy

We know you love using your new outdoor kitchen, but you probably don’t love the mess that can come with it. Grease, food, and oil are tough stains to tackle on any surface, so that’s why we recommend cleaning it as soon as possible. More specifically, the surface must be cleaned within 7 days to maintain the stain warranty on your Trex decking. To take on these stains, first spray it off with a hose, then use warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush, and finish by rinsing the area. This tip will help keep that worry away so you can focus on cheffing it up for your guests.

Tip #4: Keep it Cool

When snow creates a Winter wonderland in your very own backyard, it can be really beautiful. But when it’s covering your deck? Eh, not so much. We suggest using a plastic shovel to remove the snow coating your Trex deck. If necessary, calcium chloride or rock salt can be used to melt snow and ice to reveal your beautiful outdoor living space.

Keeping your Trex decking looking as good as new is easy with just a few simple steps. By sticking to the basics of soap and water, avoiding hard water, cleaning food stains promptly, and using the right tools to remove snow and ice, you can maintain the beauty and durability of your deck for years to come. With these tips, you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor space with family and friends and less time worrying about maintenance.